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We’ve Got Your Back Covered
The My Hero Media collection of team members has the tools to help you in nearly all areas of growing and branding your business. Don’t be shy, contact us.

Graphic Design
We offer professional hourly or project based designe services for all types or web or print media. Just tell us a little about your need so we can get you the best solution at a great price.

Editing & Copywriting 
Make sure your copy is ready for flight. Our network of professionals includes published authors and trend savvy editors who work with us on any type of project you have.

Digital Advertising
 Increase your leads and conversions.  See how to use AdWords campaigns to become more profitable. Our network of industry pros is ready to help your sales soar.

Photography & Video
Quality imagery wins the day and the power of video done well can almost be invincible.  My Hero Media has camera-ready pros ready to capture and/or edit your most compelling pitch.

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